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The ultimate device protection.

Are you fedup of having tatty chipped tempered glass, or breaking easily? Problems with the feel of the cheap film type screen protectors?

Then maybe Clearshield is for you? Clearshield is custom made, and is cut out when needed, in minutes!

 This product is much tougher than tempered glass, great shock absorbing properties, and will self heal from light scratches.

it has great opacity, so is virtually crystal clear. Also great for glass backs, Clearshield is a great way of protecting the resale value of your phone!

Fancy something different? Then choose from a variety of designs to wrap the back of any phone! This type of customisation would make a great gift for someone you know?

Pair this with a clearshield front, and a case, and you have the perfect device protection package!

Discount can be added when purchased with a repair, or if both sides are done at the same time. 

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