I'm Duane, And i run this small repair business from home. I opted to run the business from home rather than a shop, so i could keep my overheads low, and able to offer a value for money repair service with the same level of repair kit found in high street repair shops.
On top of the repairs, i'm also studying electrical engineering, with the hope I can implement my learnings to a smaller scale to what i've been training on, and able to offer a more in depth repair service. 



My Story

Since my first day in business I've always aimed to provided high quality repair services to local residents in the Plymouth area.

How did it start?

Some years ago, I bought a refurbished iPhone 3gs, it was my first smartphone. I left it on the window sill one day, and my son, who was a toddler at the time had knocked it off onto the floor.....and it broke!
I rang around for some quotes, and straight away knew I had to repair this myself, I’ve always dabbled in a few repairs over the years so I thought i'll give it a try myself, as i've always been interested in taking things apart. I went straight onto Youtube & Google watched several tutorials to see what was involved and bought the replacement parts. However, I didn’t have any of the tools to even warm up the glass to remove it, so I had to improvise a bit.
An hour later, I had a perfectly functioning phone again.

The next day, a friend had noticed my phone was fixed, and asked where I had got it repaired from, so told him that I done it myself. He asked If I could repair his, which he was quoted an insane amount. So I agreed to repair it for him. I successfully repaired this phone and he was ecstatic, he got a professional repair at fair price.
After repairing these two phones, I had the bug for it! So I scoured ebay for broken phones and fixed those up too to gain some experience before venturing out to repair on a bigger scale!

After several weeks of doing this, I was learning much more and it started to become word of mouth, and I was repairing friends, and their friends phones. I was able to provide a really affordable service for everyone. I started to put the profits towards better equipment to help repair these phones to a more professional level.
It was all going great apart from one thing.... Ebay.... This place was hit and miss for quality and would not do my reputation any good if using sub-par replacements.
I must have spent a couple of years going to and from different sellers and independent suppliers. I quickly realised, you got what you paid for. So, I tried Genuine refurbished screens, but they came at a price! A price that very few people were willing to spend.

Another thing became apparent to me very quickly! A lot of people consider the price of the repair against how much the phone actually costs, why spend £60 repairing a screen when the phone is worth £80 and go through the hassle?
I then came across something great, I was able to buy direct from the manufacturer! The quality was great, and the price was great (As long as I order enough at once) and the best thing about this, is I can keep the costs low as there is no middle man taking a cut, while at same time, having high quality displays, and other components for phone repairs, and reflect these prices to the customer!

Over the last 7-8 years, I’ve gained enough experience to offer a professional repair service. This can also be aided with a current electronics course I’m studying, and my current job which I’m learning to be an Electrical/Mechanical engineer, so I’m able to put some of those learnings into board level repairs on any device.

But i’m not going to stop there, I now have dedicated workshop. And have invested in more equipment to learn micro soldering and delve deeper into the more complex repairs, offering a more bespoke service, at the usual affordable price I always offer.